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Please join "KATS"
(Kefalonia Animals TRUST)
in their effort in spaying
and neutering cats and dogs
Please Donate and/or Adopt an Animal Friend for Life 
The "ARK"
(Animal Rescue Kefalonia)
is counting on your support for the wellbeing
of all dogs and cats
in the Kefalonia island shelter
Please Donate and/or Adopt an Animal Friend for Life 


Stray Paws Awareness Care  (SPAC) 2017


   Under the Auspices of

  • The Prefecture of the Ionian Islands and the Municipality of Kefalonia

  • The Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture 




          Lynda Thompson,   Veterinary Assistant

          Vasiliki Leventakou,   Economist, Statistician,

                                                cand. PhD Pediatrics & Child Psychiatry                                     


Organizing Committee

Lynda Thompson

Vasiliki  Leventakou

The Ionion  Center for the Arts and Culture


Scientific & Support Committee

Peter  CherringtonRehoming  & charities throughout Europe

Pat DolmanKATS (Kefalonia Animal TRUST)

                    Neutering program, volunteers,VETS visitors, 

                    figure and funding sources

John Ellett: UK  fundraiser

Evgenia Gkintoni: Psychologist, cand. PhD Clin. Neuropsychology

Irem Ebru Kuru:Chief Operational Officer & Project Coordinator

Vasiliki  LeventakouAnimals volunteering

Peter Lee: MRU (Mobile Rescue Unit)

                  Animal rescue issues, problems and figures 

Dionisis  KappatosARK (Animal Rescue Kefalonia)

                                  Animal shelter in Argostoli/Kefalonia

Maria Marina MachadoARK (Animal Rescue Kefalonia)

                                        Animal shelter in Argostoli/Kefalonia

Madeline Nineham: Private fostering

Lefteris PsarrosVeterinary Surgeon, Medical & Health Issues

Eva SullentrupVolunteers, importance and responsibilities

Lynda Thompson: Animal Health Medical Assistance  

Kefalonian  MunicipalityPrograms & Law provisions  

                                          for stray animals


Animals : Global Issue for Every Society  

Sharing the Planet with the Animals

Animals life within large or small Communities

Animals Rights / Mistreatment / Law/Punishment / Penalties /Legislation and Provisions

Stray Animals : Fostering,  Volunteering, Training, Wellbeing, Reliance on Donations, Animals Sponsoring,  Seasonal Care, Medical Care, Accessories, Grooming, Breeding, Traveling, Saying  the forever Good Bye, What my pet taught me, Am I ready for a pet?


Animals, Human Societies & Nature                                

Animals supporting humans / Service dogs & cats, Psychological issues/ Social issues,  Animals welfare,  Animals advocacy,

Animals rescue, Animals & Environmental Conservation



  • Tell us your story

  • Share your experience and  ideas`

  • Provide solutions

  • Become an animal advocate

  • Spread the word

  • Get  inspiration, information, tools,  training

  • Make connections with organizations and experts embracing  and promoting the vision of a Society

  • treating the animals with respect and compassion

Welcome to the 1st International Conference

Stray Paws Awareness and Care 2017

Kefalonia island, Greece

The Stray Paws Awareness Care (SPAC) Conference is a leading event for thought, networking and learning. 

Represents the Global Problem of the Animal Welfare in conjunction with the Welfare of the Human Societies.

Aims to present the conditions existing on animals life and rescue, to  inspire awareness in local, national and international level.

 You are Welcome  as Academic, Educational or Social Institution,

as Community, as Organization, as animal rescue  group, as animal advocacy group, as environmental conservation  group.          

Also experts, volunteers, interested on ecosystems, biodiversity

and the animals rights, life, protection and welfare, individual, activists, scientists, artists, intellectuals, all are welcome  to exchange knowledge, share problems, withdraw ideas, provide solutions and  inspire understanding our society, toward  helping the animals

in every possible way for their benefit, and also for the benefit

of our Societies.



Cultural Tours for the participants include:


Medieval Castle of Saint Georgio

Museum of Saint Andrew Monastery 

Robola wineries -wine taste – 

Saint Gerasimos Monastery 

Caretta-Caretta sea turtle inhabitant

Workshop and collaboration with ARK and KATS

animal protecting organisations


“He who feeds a hungry animal, feeds his own soul “

Charlie Chaplin



to Kefalonia island


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